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Innovative ad insertion capabilities

Shoutcast innovates with exclusive new ad-triggering methods and possibilities to answer every publisher's need

Ad Replacement

Replace an element of your stream by an ad-break of the duration of your choice.
Set it up in a few clicks in the new Shoutcast Radio Manager.
With this method you will keep all your listeners connected to your stream simultaneously.
Choose a duration between 30 and 120 seconds, we take care of the rest.

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Ad Injection (Beta)

We insert ads directly on your stream by pausing it.
We deliver only ads available for each listener.
Choose the max duration of your ad-breaks in the Shoutcast new radio manager. Your listeners will only get ads and no PSAs or fillers of any king and thus might be delayed on the master stream (does not serve publisher running live or scheduled shows).

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Flexbreak (Beta)

Similar to ad-replacement, you can choose to trigger ad-breaks of variable durations and obtain more flexibility at different times of the day.
You select the duration by using specific tags in the metadata of your trigger files.

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Magic Break (Only Available for Shoutcast For Enterprise)

Ideal for simulcasting, It allows you to replace ad-breaks of unknown size when metadata triggering method is not supported.
Place a silent tone trigger at the start of the ad-break and another one at the end.
We will replace the content of the premium flux by our ad-break.

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