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State-of-the-art Automation

(Available on Shoutcast For Business only)

Through a wide range of functionalities, the Shoutcast Planner offers the most complete, comprehensive and user-friendly automation system to date.

Compatible with any encoder (Including V1 legacy)

Safely upload and store music files through your browser.
Easily segment and categorize music and tags with the 'Planner'.
Add and manage all of your tracks with ease in 'My Files'.
We include 5GB of free storage to safely upload music files with the option to upgrade storage.

Safe Storage Illustration

Scheduling capabilities

Plan, structure and schedule daily programming in advance through radio station calendar templates.
Create your typical days with clock management and day templates.
Shoutcast gives you peace of mind knowing that your station is broadcasting 24/7.

Scheduling Capabilities Illustration

Multiple DJ's

Manage your station’s content and playlists from anywhere through multiple DJ accounts.
Add as many additional DJ's as needed and personalize and manage administration rights.

Multiple DJs Illustration

Manage and categorize tracks

Segment and categorize your audio files and musical elements with 'Box Management' according to your criteria.
Create as many Boxes as you want to introduce more variety to your music program. Add podcasts, jingles, music, voice tracks and promos.
Schedule and program your ad breaks.

Managed And Categorized Tracks Illustration