Powerful analytics

Advanced Radio Intelligence

Shoutcast’s radio manager provides you with a variety of statistics, charts and graphics. Additionally, it delivers extensive and intuitive reports with detailed insights to help understand your listener and uncover growth potential.

Audience metrics

Find out how many unique listeners you have, the average listening time as well as the total listening hours and sessions of your station(s).
Discover the geographic distribution of your audience with a detailed report of the number of listeners by country.

Audience Profiling Illustration

Listener behavior

Get a sense of listening behavior with information on how listeners are connected and the top players being used.
Find out if you are reaching your listener-base via desktop, mobile, smart TV or other.
Is your audience adapting to new technologies including smart speakers?

Listener Behaviour Illustration

Revenue overview

Track and monitor your impressions, allocations and fill rate as well as the revenue you have generated from the ads.
Get a clear overview of your earnings distributed by station and by country.

Revenue Overview Illustration

Live and historical data

Track your audience in real time as well as historically at specific time periods of your choice.
All statistics and data are stored safely which allows you a full historical overview with insights from any given period in time.

Live And Historical Data Illustration