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Technical Features
  • Compatible with any encoder
    (including V1 Legacy)
  • Unlimited Stations
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Listeners
  • MP3 & AAC Format Supported
    (up to 320kbps)
  • Scalability
    (Support up to 12,000 unique listeners)
  • Support Backup URL
  • SSL Support (Only on Linux)
Audience monetization
  • Ad Replacement


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Technical Features
We offer you a high-performance and cutting-edge infrastructure that ensures the highest quality streaming service in any format.
We supply backup servers that guarantee system availability in the event of component failure to avoid listeners loss risk.
Our 2N+1 redundancy infrastructure offers a full back-up 24/7, is fully resilient and non localised (we have servers in the US and Europe to prevent any failure).
  • 100% Cloud solution
  • Online Radio broadcasting
  • Dedicated Radio Manager
  • Unlimited Radio Creation
  • Simulcast
Audience monetization
Shoutcast is compatible with the Targetspot monetization program: Track and maximize your profits using server-side, geo-targeted audio ads that are built into Shoutcast and get access to real-time earnings data.
Achieve optimal efficiency and greater flexibility by scaling and adapting ad-breaks with our newly developed ‘Magic Break’ technology: customize the length of your ad-breaks at your convenience
  • Pre/mid roll
  • Ad-Replacement / Ad-injection / Magic Break
  • Filters management
With just one login to manage and report on all aspects of your stations and listenership, controlling your streams has never been easier. In addition, support is a one-stop, integrated dashboard and ticketing system to make getting the help that you need both efficient and convenient.
  • Support / ticketing
  • Active monitoring
  • Well designed Helpcenter (FAQ)
  • Pro-active support team
  • Individual & dedicated Radio Success Manager
Obtain instant access to extensive and intuitive reports with live and historical statistics and royalty compliant reports.
Get a better understanding of who and where your listeners are and of your listening hours.
Get access to targetspot publisher platform and get extensive ad reports.
  • Radio Revenues
  • Audience details (geo, players, listening hours)
  • Live audience monitoring
  • Historic figures availability
Audience & Digital Acceleration
Gain exposure in multiple places, applications and connected devices of more than a thousand partners including: Sonos, iTunes Internet Radio, and Winamp to name a few.
  • Digital Acceleration Consulting
  • Compatibility with all major playout systems
  • Sonos Partnership
  • Itunes Internet Radio Partnership
  • Winamp Compatibility
Technical Parameters
Our priority is to ensure a quality broadcasting experience.
To achieve this we use Premium servers - Tiers 1 Bandwidth that are secure, reliable and that offer low latency.
Use a personal and customizable SSL certificate to safeguard a secure connection.
Vanity URL: customize your stream URLs: easy to remember, use, share and reuse in the event of provider change.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Different Formats aloud
  • Geoblocking
  • GDPR Complience
  • HTTP / HTTPS streams URLs
  • IceCast logs availability