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Get instant access to all these features with the completely re-designed Shoutcast Radio Manager

Unlimited simultaneous listeners and stations

Reach your full potential by growing your radio station listener base exponentially and broadcasting worry-free to an unlimited amount of listeners. We also offer the ability to create and manage as many radio stations as you wish to help you foster your growth.

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Robust infrastructure

Stream worldwide, streaming resilience & non localised: your listeners never miss a moment! We offer stations of all sizes a high-performance and cutting-edge infrastructure that ensures the highest quality streaming service (with up to MP3 320 kbps & AAC 128 kbps). We provide secure and reliable premium servers and bandwidth.
Compatible with any encoder (including V1 legacy)

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Shoutcast Integrated Automation System

Schedule your broadcasts online, no matter where you are thanks to new Shoutcast’s automation integrated system and choose wherever you want to stream in the world. Set up your ad-breaks, jingles and playlists in a few clicks and upload your files (5GB storage included for free).
Manage your station with ease using Shoutcast's new automation system or broadcast live with any other automation program.

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Powerful analytics

Obtain instant access to extensive and intuitive reports with live and historical statistics. Get a better understanding of who and where your listeners are and of your listening hours.
Track and monitor your impressions and revenue from the ads with the radio manager.

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Targetspot monetization program

Shoutcast is compatible with the Targetspot monetization program: Track and maximize your profits using server-side, geo-targeted audio ads that are built into Shoutcast and get access to real-time earnings data.
Achieve optimal efficiency and greater flexibility by scaling and adapting ad-breaks with our newly developed ‘Flex Break’: customize the length of your ad-breaks, from 30 sec to 180 sec.

NEW: trigger ads with silent tone! (Beta)

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Audience development

Shoutcast offers you one of largest radio directories with more than 50,000 stations.
Gain exposure in multiple places, applications and connected devices of more than a thousand partners including: Sonos, iTunes Internet Radio, Logitech and Winamp to name a few.
Connected devices also include smart TV's such as Panasonic TV, Apple TV, Roku TV and Pioneer among others.
Choose where you want to stream in the world thanks to our geolocation management tool.
Automatically publish what's #nowplaying directly to your social networks. (Beta)

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